Project Move

Children need the minimum of 60 minutes of activity for their health, behaviour and cognitive development. With today’s lifestyle and the pull of technology, it is not enough to just tell kids, they need to BE INSPIRED to want to be active and stay active!
Project move helps schools find innovative ways to integrate more activity in to the day and opportunities to influence their children to be healthy.
• We observe the school and provide suggestions. • We organize Movement Day or Week to help implement the initiative. • Project Move team co-ordinates with no extra administrative work for teachers. Activities for movement week can include:

• Active acting
• Aerobics
• BOKSTM before school
• Classroom bursts
• Dynamic drawing and design
• Gym bursts
• Interactive presentation on health
• Motivational music
• Playground leader training
• Playground soccer referee training
• Story writing competition
iSaute are proud supporters of Project Move and huge advocates for getting children, and their families moving!
Project Move was recently featured on Breakfast Television. “With today’s lifestyle and pull of technology, it isn’t enough to tell kids to be more active. If you want change in your child’s life, this is where ‘Project Move’ comes in.”
The early years provide a critical window for creating a lifelong commitment to physical activity.
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