eXpand courses

About eXpand

OneLife Health has collaborated with Respiplus to write the first in a series of education courses for exercise professionals on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  eXpand Course

Our purpose is two fold: to promote knowledge within our profession on this prevalent yet often misunderstood chronic disease and to encourage those with COPD to reach out to the exercise community for long-term rehabilitation.

By becoming active in their home and/or community with informed, safe guidance, those with COPD can improve their strength, stamina, confidence and quality of life.

Respiplus, is a non-profit organisation associated with The Montreal Chest Institute, McGill University which is committed to working with experts in lung health to develop educational materials on chronic lung conditions to inspire and encourage better patient care and self management

eXpand courses will enable you to understand how to work with individuals with chronic respitratory conditions. You will be able to design programs for long term rehabilitation and facilitate behaviour change.

Earn CECs with various accreditation bodies.


Learning is more than absorbing facts. It is acquiring understanding.

William Arthur Ward