Corporate Education

Only 25% of older Canadian adults report reaching the recommended amounts of aerobic and resistance-based physical activity.

We wish to do all we can to promote a positive lifestyle and prevent frequent trips to the medical centre

One Life Health can help you feel your best, whatever your age.

We offer health education presentations, individual and group sessions in residences and in the community

Our Programs

  1. Education presentations – combine learning and exercise. Topics include healthy back, stronger bone and positive lifestyle.
  2. Large group classes – a safe and fun way to stay healthy. Such as: cardio mix, stretching and balance, strength and posture (fall prevention)
  3. One on one and small group sessions – focus on prevention and rehabilitation. Post stroke, Cancer rehabilitation, living well with COPD, post-surgery, healthy heart.

To keep in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

Buddha (c.563 BC to 483 BC)

Get started today!

  1. Free taster courses, classes and one-on-one sessions.
  2. Observation days to get to know your residents and plan programs to suit their needs.
  3. Online Health contact person assigned to you to make planning and logistics simple.