Corporate Education

Is your company promoting a healthy workplace?

Work life balance is difficult to achieve in this era. The workplace is increasingly stressful and lifestyles are becoming more sedentary.

Creating and maintaining a healthy work environment can be challenging but it is extremely important.

We offer WELLNESS WEEKS which provide innovative ways to inspire and educate staff to promote long-term wellbeing. We know we can improve MORALE, PRODUCTIVITY, and HAPPINESS in your workplace.

We offer

  1. Group classes – Balance and Mobility; Bootcamp; Stronger Back and Dance (including Zumba and Bellydancing!)
  2. Physical Wellness – group fitness assessments, individual assessments, desk ergonomics assessments, personalized exercise program design and chair massages
  3. Health Presentations – Office Ergonomics, Stronger Back, Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition.
  4. New Activities include Rebounding by House of Bounce; Music, Movement and the Mind and Active Acting.

To keep in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

Buddha (c.563 BC to 483 BC)