Corporate Education

Is your company promoting a healthy workplace?

Businesses face significant costs due to sickness absence and from employees under performing (presenteeism). Absenteeism cost the Canadian economy $16.2 billion in 2015.

Every employee takes an average of 9.3 days off per year due mainly to chronic illness, musculoskeletal and mental health conditions. It is widely recognised by health professionals that exercise and lifestyle is the key to the prevention and long-term management of most these conditions.

Heart Disease – Diabetes – Cancer – Respiratory disease – Lower back pain
Osteoporosis – Arthritis – Obesity – High Blood pressure

OneLife Health provides corporate education and lifestyle programs as well as exercise rehabilitation and corrective exercise for the prevention and long-term management of Chronic disease.

To keep in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear

Buddha (c.563 BC to 483 BC)