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About Becky

I am passionate about sharing ways of living a positive lifestyle, built on over 23 year’s experience as an exercise physiologist. I have worked both in the public and private healthcare settings with groups and individuals to help them achieve greater fitness, recovery from injury or illness and guidance towards a better, pain-free quality of life.

Since gaining my BSc Human Biology and Physiology, I have trained to become a Certified Clinical Cancer Exercise Specialist, Certified Physician Exercise Referral specialist, Pre and Post Natal Specialist and Mat Pilates Instructor.

I am committed to both mine and my team’s ongoing professional development and learning. It is important that we develop our skills and keep up to date with the latest evidence based approaches to health and wellbeing so that clients are safe in the knowledge that they will be supported appropriately and effectively according to their current health, medical condition or stage in their life.

Healthy living and making the best choices for our wellbeing can be challenging. My motivation comes from many areas of my life and experience. I have three children and try to set a positive example for them, this has helped me find new ways to encourage and motivate other people.

I have been inspired by how some of my family and friends have overcome adversity in their lives, this has helped me to problem solve and have faith that hard work and determination can achieve lasting change. I have travelled and lived in various countries with very different cultures, this experience has enriched my communication skills and has fostered tolerance and adaptability. My approach allows clients to nurture their own inspirations and I draw on all my skills and experience to help guide my clients to achieve their personal goals.


It doesn’t matter how fast you run or how far you go, what matters is that you get out of the door…